The step-by-step guide to choosing the right investment strategies for your business, situation and financial goals

When some people think of investing, the first thing that pops into their head is to find the highest percentage return savings account and placing their money there. However, there are a range of options out there. I like to think about the world of finance as like an old Wild West movie: there are good guys and bad ones. Some will try to sell you investments which are no different to snake oil. A company which looked legitimate can fold, taking your hard earned money with them.

I don’t believe that investment options should be forced on anyone. If an adviser doesn’t take your financial situation and goals into account, you begin the investment journey on the wrong foot.

Firstly, you have to decide whether you are a high-risk individual or low risk. High risk comes with the potential for high returns. This is due to the fact that the investment option is volatile and there is an air of uncertainty. For instance, a fund might take your money and buy property in a new area based on the premise that it is likely to become a ‘hot’ area. However, if they fail to attract buyers or tenants, you lose money instead of gaining it. Quite simply,some advisers won’t fully explain the risks to you.

I take a different approach.

I believe that each investment should be fully tailored to your situation and financial goals. You should go in with full knowledge of potential returns. This is what makes the big returns more fun. Your investments should reflect who you are.

On the other hand, there are low risk investments such as saving it in a bank for a (3%+) return or just storing it in a bank for an average 1% return. This leaves your money open to fluctuations in currency value and inflation. In order to keep your money growing, annual portfolio growth should be big enough to counteract slowed growth in the economy.

Therefore, after taking a wealth management client’s situation into account, high return investments are balanced with low return investments. My aim is to make sure that working with me grows their wealth and covers the cost of hiring me. I explained what I do to my grandmother as “I give people money.” She looked at me with an odd look, but it is the easiest way of explaining it.

Creating an investment plan

In order to arrive at the right destination, you need a roadmap. This is essential when making investments. Those without a roadmap might be lucky enough to make some good investments, but when an industry goes down, it can all vanish in the twinkle of an eye. The markets have no sympathy. I don’t work on ‘luck’. An investment plan should reduce risk and be flexible enough to counteract volatility. It should be able to take advantage of opportunities where the general public sees a downturn. In fact, thousands of people with wealth managers added a 0 to their net worth during the 2008 recession.

An investment plan should also diversify investments. This allows you to leverage them against each other. Therefore, a surprise loss in one doesn’t bring everything crashing down. This is what causes people to make big losses. They typically become desperate and make risky investments. This can lead to a financial spiral difficult to get back from.

Moreover, the investment plan should take your goals into account. For instance, an entrepreneur might want to grow their portfolio over the next 10 years in order to have a big retirement point. As a result, the investment plan needs to be crafted to make this happen. Furthermore, we all have values and principles. An investor might want to avoid investing in companies which use child labor in third world countries. As I stated earlier, your invests should be an extension of who you are.

Taking the above into account, you don’t just need an investment plan, but also someone to manage it all for you. You need someone who is always keeps a pulse on the financial markets, and has the skill and experience to spot profitable opportunities. You could do this yourself, but how much time do you have on your hands? Can you take care of business and spend 12 hours a day monitoring multiple industries? On top of this, do you have years to burn mastering the multiple technical analysis needed to make profitable investments?

Take advantage of my years of experience and track record for getting results. Get in touch for an initial consultation on your situation, aims and goals. Find out how I can help you to have portfolio growth, be your business coach and aid you in passing wealth to the next generation. Take full advantage of my track record, steer through murky financial waters and get to an island of year-on-year growth.

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Amrit Mavi

Amrit Mavi

As a people person, I wanted to help business owners, individuals and organizations make long-term growth-oriented financial decisions.

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